4 Best Travel Apps For You


best travel apps

Sometimes it can be difficult to organise yourself before a getaway, but you don’t always have to do all the heavy lifting. Here are a few travel apps that I like to use to make my life a little bit easier when planning my next adventure.” – Sarah
Travel Apps.  Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of choosing one?
Let’s face it, today’s world is full of technology and unless you retire to the remote outback where a satellite doesn’t exist, you have little chance of escaping it.
So what about travel apps? There are hundreds of them. So how do you know which travel app is the best for traveling?
Our guest blogger Sarah, explores the world of travel apps, and has given us her top 4 travel apps that she can’t live without when she travels the world.

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a free app, which allows you to easily and efficiently compare hotels, flights and hire cars to find the best price. This app makes the arduous task of scouring the internet for options much simpler, giving you access to a plethora of airlines and travel agencies at your fingertips.
Did you know that Skyscanner is an award-winning application, which has received great reviews on the app store, averaging a 4.5 star rating?  It is accessible world-wide and works across all of your devices such as phones and computers.
Skyscanner does all the work for you, even sending alerts when options become available or flights/costs are changed.
Another perk is that the app can also help you earn more frequent flyer points, getting even better deals for you in the future.
Some reviews do report that a couple of agencies Skyscanner deals with are quite unreliable, but the majority seem to have no issues with their services.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is fabulous as one of the most useful travel apps!  Imagine there being a plane delay in the middle of your travels and you find yourself needing an inexpensive place to stay for the night.
Airbnb is a no-cost, quality app, which makes it possible to rent out houses and apartments in over 191 countries around the globe. With over 3 million listings, you can stay in an apartment in New York, a castle in Scotland, or a loft by the beach – the choices are endless.
With its incredibly affordable prices, why would you stay in hotel at all? Not only, can you stay in someone’s luxury home, but you may also choose to become a host, and ‘showcase’ your home or apartment, and earn some extra cash while you’re at it.
It has a high 4.3 star rating on the app store and with over 10 million downloads, it is proving just how helpful it is.
However, if privacy is a concern of yours make sure you choose the full apartment/house option instead of a room in a house you may be sharing with others.
Airbnb is a great option for accommodation when travelling.

3. Duolingo

Out of the travel apps this would have to be one of my favourites just because it’s fun!
There is a good chance that you will encounter a non-English speaking country on your travels, so what better way to get ahead then learning a new language!
Duolingo is a free, interactive learning app, which helps users pick up a new language through fun games and goals.
Anything from Japanese to German, Duolingo has it! The app combines reading, listening and speaking to teach users well-rounded skills. The app has been well-received by hundreds of millions of customers, earning an impressive 4.7 star rating.
It also takes the chore out of learning a new language by making it impossible to stop playing! Not only is it enjoyable, you can also earn points to help motivate you to get on the app each day and learn new things!
I love this app for the fun and learning it provides and it is a great on-the-go application to help get you ready for your next adventure!

4. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a popular application, which does exactly that – advise!
This application is shock-full of reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist spots, helping you to plan the most the successful trip you’ve ever been on!
It conveniently allows you to explore locations anywhere you like, so you know exactly what you are getting into on your next holiday. It gives you access to real reviews from real people, giving you honest opinions from around the world.
Not only can you see reviews, but users can also compare costs of hotels and airfares to find the best deals in real time.
The app is free and easy to navigate for all phone users, many claiming it is just as easy to use as the website.
Trip Advisor also has a solid 4.4 rating, proving how many people rely on it to plan their perfect trip!

Which App is Best?

The choice is yours! I love them all and each one is free and highly recommended, so give them a go and plan your best holiday yet!

Stay safe, stay happy and stay travelling…

Sarah ?